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I've always had an interest in environmental issues.  The geeky teenager who would hunt down a particular make-up range that wasn't tested on animals (back when I was a teen there weren't many available); studying aromatherapy and massage in my 20's and the birth of my children, was the real eye opener, and when I became aware of the amount of bleach and plastic commonly found in products.

Taking responsibility to provide a safe and clean environment for generations to come does not need to cost the earth but does require a bit of dedication and a willingness to change.  The challenge in all of this is how to make an ethical lifestyle affordable and convenient.  Have a browse of the website or pop into the shop to consider how you can start your own journey!

Sarah Lovejoy

A little bit about our suppliers:

Like all good things, Greenscents started on the kitchen table and quickly became a local favourite. Based in Dulverton, Somerset this family business is committed to sustainable and ethical solutions proving that household products are no longer the 'poor relation' in the organic world.

Our mission is to produce household products you can be proud of:

  • Prime organic and ethically sourced ingredients in all our products

  • Greenscents is fragranced with wonderful natural aromas from organic fair trade essential oils

  • Our nonscents range is as pure and hypoallergenic as possible

  • Simple stylish packaging designs which will grace your home

  • Greenscents is committed to being at the forefront of the ethical and sustainable agenda.

  • We do not use any SLS/SLES in our products

  • There are no artificial fragrances in any of our products


In the 1980s, the company founder Michael Barwell’s job was to help maintain and clean commercial ships...

To carry out his job properly and adhere to health and safety protocol, he was required to wear full personal protective equipment, including a respirator. He looked at the ingredients of the products he used at work, then looked at the ingredients of the products he used at home and realised that they were just too similar.


As a member of Greenpeace, Michael was concerned about the massive harm consumer cleaning products were having on the environment. As a husband and a father, he was concerned about the effects these products might be having on the people using them.

Michael stopped cleaning ships and became captain of his own ship by founding Bio-D in 1989.








We are a social enterprise based in Oxfordshire which supplies sustainable detergents to shops, farmers markets, cooperatives and charity organisations.  SESI Refill points help reduce people’s plastic footprint. With the surge of Zero Waste Shops and other established retailers changing to become unpackaged shops, SESI has a key role as a provider of ethical detergents which help everyone to become part of a circular economy.

Since becoming established in 2006, we, with the help of our partners and customers have refilled more than 100,000 plastic bottles. We have been lucky enough to be a valued alternative to those seeking to reduce food waste and cut their plastic footprint. As a social enterprise, we re-inject funds into broadening our product list and branching out to create new partnerships and Refill Stations. Our focus is not profit, it’s to do good.

MAKE Skincare philosophy

Founded by Mary Temperley, MAKE Skincare provides luxurious natural products using only the finest quality ingredients available. On discovering that many skincare products are not quite what they say they are and that they often contain a multitude of dubious ingredients, Mary decided the only way to guarantee the quality of the products she used was to make them herself. At MAKE, we believe that just as we care about what we eat, we should also place the same importance on what we put on our skin. We use only the finest natural ingredients available. 

Scents of Spirit Therapies are qualified Aromatherapists, with a passion for creating natural products..... They have spent many hours combining different natural waxes, containers and wicks to develop several Scents Of Spirit Candles that they are very proud of.  Handmade Hampshire Pure Beeswax Candles, which smell divine.... simple with no added fragrances, and with fabulous health benefits too.  Also a range of scented soy candles made with just soy wax and aromatherapy oils.  Completely natural with no petroleum ingredients or synthetic fragrances.  They will erase any lingering smells within the home whilst also uplift, calm or relax you depending on the blend of oils.

A range of aromatherapy blends to assist with various emotional and physical needs are also available.  Blended using high quality oils to maximise the health benefits and sourced from high grade suppliers.


Heavenly Organics Skin Care founder, Mary-Anne created the business after she embraced an organic, vegan lifestyle and desperately struggled to find skincare that met both her ethical & skin’s requirements. Finding that so many products were laden with unnecessary and unpronounceable chemicals, Mary-Anne decided to make her own, just using a few, simple organic and natural ingredients. Friends began to use her skincare and the feedback was so overwhelmingly positive that a new enterprise began. Fast forward to 2019 and still true to its founding beliefs, there are now over 100 products available and Heavenly Organics Skin Care is being sold all over the UK and Europe.

As custodians of this planet and in a bid to tread as lightly on this beautiful world as possible, we consider all aspects of our production and how we impact on planet earth. We only use, natural, organic & vegan ingredients and glass & aluminium packaging that can be reused and refilled.  We reuse as much packaging as possible & will only use recycled paper, recycled labels and paper packing tape. We even go so far as to only use a non-toxic printer.

Growing up in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, in the 1970s, Rob Costello and Geoff Kerouac found themselves immersed in a hotbed of alternative, hippy and punk culture. This proved to be fertile ground for radical, political thought and social and environmental awareness, still deeply held to this day.

It came naturally to them to rally against the capitalist model and strive to find a fairer way of doing things. And, living in such picturesque countryside as they did, they also felt an instinctive connection to nature.

These values led them, later in life to, work at Suma Wholefoods Co-operative. An experience that proved invaluable, putting real substance behind their ideas. Here they learned that it really is possible to run a successful business where ethics come before profit.

Now inspired, motivated and environmentally aware, they were ready for the next step, an ethically-based business of their own. Here was a chance for them to live out their ideals and give something honest and good back to the world.

For Rob and Geoff, making soap is about so much more than manufacturing a product. It is a constant process of learning, improving and refining, in order to make as little impact on nature and health as possi