Plastic pollution - a huge problem causing litter, damage  to the environment, damage to wild life, habitats and contributes to climate change.

By re-filling cleaning products, personal care items and dry pantry goods you can be part of the growing movement that is taking action to address these issues head on.

Every time you refill an existing container it means one less will end up in landfill, incinerated or recycled; all of which are energy exhaustive and contribute to pollutants and carbon footprint.

Zero waste is about decreasing single use items, whether this is plastic, paper or glass and replacing these with long lasting reusables.

We have a number of items to help you achieve a reduction in single use packaging, swap disposables for reusables, decrease food waste and use environmentally friendly products.

Even 1 refill makes a difference...

How does refilling work? 

You will need to bring a clean container with you which is weighed.  Then you can fill up with as much or as little you need.  It will then be re-weighed minus the weight of the container.  You just pay for this amount. 

Refillable pantry
Tea infuser
Refillable pantry goods
Handmade soaps

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